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Don’t ever drink Washington Lake water, says Newburgh city manager

Washington Lake no longer the prime source of city drinking water

NEWBURGH – The multi-million-dollar carbon filtration system installed at Washington Lake by the state DEC is outdated and does not filter out all varieties of PFOS chemicals, Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino told the city council and public Monday night.

Ciaravino said of the two types of PFOS – short-chain and long-chain – the filtration system will only screen out the long-chain chemical leaving the short-chain variety to enter one's body should someone drink the water.

“I will tell you right now, based on what I know, never, never, ever accept Washington Lake water into our treatment plant and drink that water,” he said.

Ciaravino said he will not “bow to political pressure” from the highest levels in Albany to run Washington Lake water through the granulated carbon filtration plant and drink it.

The city has been getting its water from the New York City Catskill Aqueduct, but when that is shut down for 10 weeks of repairs in mid-October, Newburgh will use Brown’s pond with other contingencies. And Ciaravino said he will not give in to political pressure from top Albany officials to use Washington Lake for its drinking water.

The reservoir has been contaminated by discharges from the New York Air National Guard Base at Stewart Airport. The state and federal governments have yet to mitigate that problem.


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