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Hawthorne woman charged with stealing $13,000 in Social Security benefits


WHITE PLAINS – A Hawthorne woman is charged with grand larceny as a felony for stealing over $13,000 in Social Security benefits.

The felony complaint alleges that in May 2015, Suzanne Pope and her husband too into their home a teenage former county jail inmate who was living in the Children’s Village Sanctuary Shelter when he was released from jail.

While the teen lived with them, his father died on September 18, 2015 and he became eligible for Social Security survivor’s benefits.

From September 2015 through March 2016, the teen was an enrolled high school student and eligible for survivor benefits.

In December 2015, Pope applied for those benefits on the teen’s behalf, using her home address. She took possession of the teen’s Social Security debt card starting in February 2016, Social Security deposited $1,565 monthly into his account. In March 2016, the ten moved out of the Pope’s house and stopped attending school, making him ineligible for benefits.

Pope continued to receive the benefits. From April to December 2016, Suzanne Pope used the debit card for her personal needs without the knowledge of the teen and in violations of Social Security Administration regulations. During that time, she stole over $13,000 from Social Security.


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