Tuesday, October 9, 2018




Port Jervis doesn’t have same police turnover problems as other area cities, says mayor

PORT JERVIS – The cities of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh continue to experience problems with police department staffing.

Officials of both cities say all too often a new officer is hired and sent to the police academy at municipal expense, only to have them resign to take higher paying police jobs in Westchester or Rockland counties.

The City of Port Jervis hasn’t had that problem over the years, said Mayor Kelly Decker.

“I think the situation with Port Jervis is a little bit different because we are fair across the board with other municipalities of our size and being a smaller community, we are more community-minded. Our police officers do community policing and we’re pro-active rather than reactive. Unfortunately some of the bigger cities have to be reactive.”

Decker said as far back as he can remember there have only been a few police officers who joined the force only to leave for other jobs.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office has also experienced the problem of deputies leaving for higher paying police jobs, including to the Monticello police department.


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