Thursday, November 29, 2018




Emergency responders ask for public’s help

CARMEL – Next time you are driving along the road and observe a vehicle behind you with a flashing blue or green light: Pull over.

The driver of that vehicle is a volunteer emergency responder proceeding to a fire house or ambulance headquarters to man equipment needed for a fire, accident or health crisis.

Putnam County Commissioner of Emergency Services Ken Clair said with the increase of traffic and changing demography of the county, emergency responders are finding it more and more difficult to reach stations in order to get fire equipment and ambulances to the scene of an emergency.

“Time matters and precious seconds lost may be critical in saving a life,” said Clair.

Jack Casey, a veteran member of the Mahopac Falls Fire Department, said many motorists are unaware what flashing blue and green lights mean. “Volunteer firefighters have a blue light on their vehicle while EMT’s and ambulance corps personnel are permitted by law to display a green light on their car. The lights are activated when responding to an emergency call.”

The Putnam County Emergency Services Safety Advisory Board discussed the concern at its latest meeting and will be initiating a campaign countywide to educate the public regarding blue and green flashing lights.


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