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Rockland County may keep $3.5 million in escrow from failed buyer of Summit Park

NEW CITY – Rockland County may keep the down payment and other money paid into escrow by the failed buyer of the county’s Summit Park nursing home. The judgment by State Supreme Court Justice Paul Marx is worth some $3.5 million, the county said.

The court found the purchaser, Sympaticare, failed to meet its end of the deal when it did not obtain the required licenses to operate the nursing home and then didn’t show for the closing to buy it.

In September 2015, Shalom Braunstein, who represented Sympaticare, canceled the deal the day before the closing and shortly thereafter admitted to the county that he could not safely operate Summit Park.

In court, Sympaticare claimed the county and the Rockland County Health Facilities Corporation did not have the authority to sell the building and that the county had failed to keep the nursing home in good operating condition during the year-and-a-half between the time the contract of sale was signed and the closing date.

The court found that Sympaticare could not support those claims.

“The court’s decision confirms that the county and the corporation acted diligently in their attempts to sell the facility, and the responsibility for shuttering Summit Park lays squarely with the failed purchaser, Sympaticare, said County Attorney Tomas Humbach.

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