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Metro-North to consider better ground transportation to Stewart Airport

Taking the train to the plane could be a decade away

NEW YORK – Discussions about direct Metro-North Railroad connections between New York City and Stewart Airport at Newburgh ended a number of years ago, but they may be revived with short-, medium, and long-term strategies.

At present, direct Stewart to New York-Port Authority Bus Terminal bus service is timed to coincide with Norwegian Air’s European flights.    

Metro-North President Kathy Rinaldi said for the short-term, they may look at improved bus service with select stations in and around New York City and New Jersey serving Stewart directly.

That could be followed by bus rapid transit from perhaps, the Beacon and Salisbury Mills train stations, she said.

But, building a spur from Salisbury Mills to the airport on the Port Jervis line, is something that would be years away, Rinaldi said.

“As we have hardened and made the Port Jervis Line more robust, we could continue to monitor ridership into and out of the airport to see if that kind of a rail investment makes sense given what else is going on in the area,” she said.

Most of the Port Jervis Line is a one-track route. The first step to improve service is to build three passing sidings and a mid-point yard.

Rinaldi said funding to consider a Stewart rail spur could be 10 or more years off.


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