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Wall that Heals coming to Newburgh

NEWBURGH – The recently built Wall that Heals, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, will come to Newburgh in August.

Community activist, historian and veterans advocate, Jim Williams, announced the new wall will be on display this summer.

“It is an honor for the City of Newburgh because Newburgh is the only city in the State of New York that will host this wall this year,” Williams told the city council on Thursday night. “It’s a brand new wall; it was just manufactured outside of Albany in Clifton Park. It’s 375-feet long; it’s 7 /12 feet high at its highest point, and for the first time in history, people will be allowed to rub names on this wall as they do on the wall in Washington, DC.”

The massive display, with the names of all service members killed during the Vietnam War, will roll into the city on July 31 escorted by a large contingent of motorcycle-riding veterans.

The wall will be on display from August 2 through 5.

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