Friday, May 11, 2018




Man charged with hacking West Point Combat Terrorism Center website

NEW YORK – A California man is charged with three counts of computer fraud for obtaining unauthorized access to and committing defacements of the websites for the Combating Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy at West Point and the New York City Comptroller’s Office.

Billy Ribeiro Anderson, 41, is also known as Anderson Albuquerque and AlfabetoVirtual, was arrested on Thursday at his home in Torrance, California.

According to the allegations, website defacements are acts of computer intrusion during which a hacker obtains unauthorized access to computers hosting Internet websites and then replaces the publicly available contents of the website with content generated by the hacker, thereby ‘defacing’ the website.

Hackers often claim responsibility for defacements by listing their online pseudonyms as part of the defaced content. Among the pseudonyms Anderson used and messages left are “Hacked by AlfabetoVirtual,” “#FREEPALESTINE” and “#FREEGAZA.”

From about 2015 through at least March 13, 2018, Anderson allegedly took responsibility for obtaining unauthorized access to, and committing more than 11,000 defacements of, various US military, government, and business websites around the world under the online pseudonym “AlfabetoVirtual.” 

Anderson is also accused of hacking and defacing the website owned by the New York City comptroller.

He is charged with two counts of computer fraud for causing damage to a protected computer, each of which carries a maximum of 10 years in prison, and one count of computer fraud for unauthorized access to a US Government computer, which carries a maximum of one year in prison.


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