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Anagnostakis to run for 39th Senate seat


TOWN OF NEWBURGH – Orange County Legislator Michael Anagnostakis announced Wednesday that he will seek the Republican line in the fall election for State Senate in the 39th District.

The seat is being vacated by the retiring Senator William Larkin, who has endorsed Stony Point Town Councilman Thomas Basile for the three-county district that includes portions of Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties.

Anagnostakis said he will forego the Orange County GOP nominating convention on May 17 and focus on the Republican primary this summer and the general election in November.

“Let’s be very clear, the overwhelming majority of rank and file GOP committee members are good hardworking Republicans,” he said. “But the insiders, in the infamous tradition of Boss Tweed politics, have connived for months, behind the scenes, to advance their handpicked yes man puppet, and will use the convention as a coronation.”

Anagnostakis was referring to Basile who confirmed his candidacy last Saturday.

The county legislator blasted the GOP leadership. “No committee interviews of candidates; no scrutiny by the hundreds of committee members; no questions and answers for those seeking the job; no endorsement process from town committee to town committee,” he said. “Just a handpicked puppet – from outside Orange County – to be crowned at the convention by the insiders who control a great number of convention votes by proxy.”

“Someone needed to say what everyone is thinking – outrageous!” Anagnostakis said.

“If his rambling statement this morning is any indication, former Democrat Mike Anagnostakis is unhinged and would willingly play into the hands of liberal NYC Democrats to feed his own ego,” said Bob Driscoll, Basile’s spokesman. “Former Democrat Mike Anagnostakis has a long-standing reputation for political opportunism and grandstanding. It’s sad and not what our families and businesses need in their senator.”

Driscoll said Basile “has been cultivating strong relationships with voters, community leaders, elected officials and party leaders from across this district for years. It’s the reason Senator Bill Larkin trusts him to fight for our families and businesses in the Senate. Mike Anagnostakis has been desperately trying to get his name in the paper. It couldn’t be clearer that Mr. Anagnostakis is less interested in protecting taxpayers from a NYC-controlled agenda that will bankrupt the state, and more interested in fighting for himself. Tom Basile enjoys broad support among Republicans, Conservatives, Independence party members and even Democrats because he’s running an inclusive campaign focused on making our area more affordable for everyone.”

Driscoll said, “With a reputation like his, he has no path to victory in a primary or the general election.” 

State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long endorsed Basile on Wednesday, saying Basile has “time and time again proven his commitment to the limited government values we in the Conservative Party hold in highest regard.” Long said Basile has “earned the trust and support of local party leaders.”

Orange County Conservative Party Chairman John DeLessio attended Basile’s campaign launch event last weekend lending his support to his candidacy.

On the Democratic side, Assemblyman James Skoufis is considering a run and has already registered a campaign committee with the state Board of Elections.


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