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Governor takes bus to White Plains High School to promote “Red Flag Law”

Student leader Kellie Marks calls for stronger gun controls during governor's rally

WHITE PLAINS – Governor Cuomo lined up high school students, teachers and local politicians in front of White Plains High School on Tuesday to call on the state legislature to adopt his Red Flag Law.

The measure would allow for parents or teachers to ask a judge for an evaluation of a child who they believe might be a danger to themselves, students or faculty.

The governor’s proposal comes on the heels of active shooter attacks on schools across the country.

High school senior Kellie Marks, a student leader, called for action against gun violence.

“We don’t want to wake up every morning questioning if this will be day we die or this will be the day we mourn the loss of a loved one.”

Marks said Congress has the power to enact gun safety legislation, which she said lawmakers are not doing.

Cuomo was emotional about the crisis.

“We have traumatized an entire generation,” the governor said. “It is shear madness that society could have deteriorated to this level. We are 23 weeks into the new year; we have had 23 school shootings. We have lost more young people in school shootings than we lost military personnel at war. How outrageous is that.”

Randy Weingarten, president of the United Federation of Teachers and a native of Rockland County, blasted the Trump Administration and Congress for its inaction on gun control. She said when she was in school there were fire drills; now there are active shooter drills.”

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul held a similar rally at Ellenville High School on Tuesday.

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