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Republicans balk at majority Dems’ Rockland Legislature appointment

NEW CITY – The Rockland County Legislature Tuesday night voted to confirm the appointment of their newest member, Itamar Yeger, the executive assistant district attorney and chief of appeals for the Rockland County District Attorney's Office.

Yeger will be filling the seat vacated by Legislator Ilan Schoenberger last month and will serve for the remaining two years of Schoenberger’s four-year term.

 The newest Rockland legislator was approved by a vote of 9-7. Several Republican legislators including Minority Leader Lon Hofstein and Charles Falciglia contested his appointment.  Hofstein noted that his vote “was nothing personal” insisting that “the Democratic committee of Rockland County selected a replacement without discussing it with the minority.”

Hofstein asserted that county Republicans had not been consulted about Yeger’s appointment and thus he would not vote in favor it. 

“I would think out of common courtesy and transparency that you would reach out to members of the minority, or at least the minority leader, and make them aware of what decision they are thinking or contemplating of doing,” Hofstein said. “The members of the majority consistently talk about the transparency that exists in the legislature, you should be consistent. If transparency is the motto, it should be the motto 100 percent of the time.”

Falciglia simply stated that he “will not vote for a member of any political party.”

Yeger will officially take office later this month after retiring from his work at the D.A.’s office. 


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