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Scott-Childress emphasizes “one Kingston” in majority leader report

Childress: "... the city is thriving ..."

KINGSTON - Kingston’s Common Council gave a standing ovation to Third Ward Alderman Rennie Scott-Childress Tuesday night, after delivering his first annual report as majority leader.

The eloquent and intellectual speech highlighted values of the “One Kingston” movement which launched the administration of Mayor Steve Noble in early 2016.

Appointed in April 2016 by the mayor to replace resigning Alderman Brad Will, Scott-Childress was elected in 2017, and appointed majority leader in 2018.

To date, he has consistently voted with the mayor’s policies and initiatives.

“We have done a great job, and the city is thriving in many areas,” Scott-Childress said.

He praised the sanctuary city resolution, passed in January 2017.

“Just over a year ago, we passed one of the most important items in our recent history, the welcoming and inclusive city resolution,” Scott-Childress said. “We carefully reviewed it to ensure it was consistent with state and federal law, and after healthy debate we passed it.  Some of us feared what might come of declaring ourselves welcoming to newcomers, and inclusive of all who want to live with us, work with us, and celebrate with us; but those fears have come to naught.”

 Dismissing naysayers and administration critics, Scott-Childress noted, “There have been a few other experiences where some of our friends and neighbors have approached their concerns in ways that seem to me at least counter-productive. I don’t understand why these few think yelling will help others listen to them,” he said.

Scott-Childress said he did not understand “why these few think making up facts will convince others to believe them. I don’t understand why these few think insulting others and spreading rumors will lead to the outcomes for which they advocate.”

He said issues are resolved better when working together.

“Goodness knows, our experience of government over the past 40 years has given us reason to be skeptical. Americans in general, and some of our Kingston neighbors have come to see government as a pirate, some sort of alien illegitimate force, which takes our hard-earned money, and throws it away in the whorehouses of waste, and the saloons of corruption. But to condemn all government is nonsense, and it is dangerous.”

Scott-Childress said “deep and lasting happiness comes from working with and for others.”

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