Tuesday, September 12, 2017




Eight Middletown department heads receive retroactive raises totaling $25,000

MIDDLETOWN – The recently approved two percent pay raises for the top eight department heads in the City of Middletown that are retroactive to the beginning of the year amount to a total of $25,307.

The highest paid department head is Public Works Commissioner Yacoub Tawil, whose annual salary increased from $216,513 in 2016 to $220,843 this year.

City Corporation Counsel Richard Guertin earned $160,000 in 2016; his two percent increase brings that to $163,200.

City Treasurer Donald Paris’ salary has increased from $130,809 to $133,425.

The salary for City Assessor Bonnie Bernaski increased from $88,120 to $89,882.

Director of Economic Development Maria Bruni’s salary rose from $82,786 to $84,442.

The salary for Superintendent of Recreation and Parks Christine Brinkerhoff rose from $74,969 to $76,468.

City Clerk John Naumchik’s salary rose from $73,851 to $75,328.

Senior Center Director Julissa Sierra’s pay increases from $57,823 to $58,979.


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