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Goshen Town Board adopts Legoland environmental review

Royle, right, listening intently to the discussion, left happy

TOWN OF GOSHEN – The Legoland amusement park proposed for Goshen has passed the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) portion of the municipal process.

The Goshen Town Board passed a resolution to adopt the SEQRA finding’s statement Monday evening, as the developing company, Merlin Entertainments, had met the requirements to the satisfaction of the town planning board.

The initial statement, submitted by Merlin, was subject to certain negotiations regarding traffic, water usage, developer’s agreement, sale of specific properties within the project parcel, Host Community Benefits and dedication of specific wells; but, having resolved those issues amicably, the board decided to allow the project to continue to the next step in the process.

“The town board, tonight, passed a resolution with our own Findings Statement that, yes, we think that we agree with the planning board, that we find that they mitigated, to satisfaction, those things that were listed,” said Town Supervisor Douglas Bloomfield.

Head of Community and Project Relations for Legoland NY Phil Royle said they are looking forward to continuing to the next step of the process.

“We had a great night tonight,” said Royle. “We applaud the town board for adopting the SEQRA Findings Statement for the Legoland New York Project and we’re happy that we’ve moved on with this next step of the process, and we look forward to everything continuing in the same way that it has.”

Bloomfield said the next step will be to determine the economic and professional benefits, or malignancies, that would come with the project if given the go ahead.

“Now it’s one of why would we want them here, or why would we not want them here, in addition to what’s already been spoken,” he said.

The town board will hold a public hearing Thursday evening, at which time, they will come to a decision of whether, or not, the project may commence officially.


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