October 13, 2017




SNUG holds anti-gun violence rally

POUGHKEEPSIE – In the wake of the latest shooting in Poughkeepsie, in which two people were wounded last Sunday, the Poughkeepsie Family Partnership’s chapter of SNUG (guns spelled backwards) held their fourth shooting response Thursday evening.

SNUG is an organization dedicated to the reduction, intervention and treatment of gun violence in communities across the country. They operate autonomously and independent of the police, providing residents with an anonymous ally that is intimately involved with the community in which they operate.

Danny Hairston, Poughkeepsie’s SNUG coordinator, said there was a good community turnout because of the participation of the mother of a promising City of Poughkeepsie youth who was gunned down last year.

“It was a sobering response to say the least, but one that we hope will galvanize the community and get more community individuals out,” said Hairston. “We hope, of course, never to have these; but, when we do, what we’re looking to do is increase the number of participants, so that we can strengthen the movement here in Poughkeepsie.”

As far as the reasons for last weekend’s incident, Hairston said SNUG knows who was involved. It was an escalation that stemmed from misplaced pride.

“The misconceptions that individuals have is that it is gang related, or drug related and most of the times, it’s really two individuals that have an argument, or two individuals have some sort of conflict and it escalates to the point where one individual uses a gun to solve it.”

Hairston said although one gun violence incident is too many, there is evidence that SNUG is having an impact in Poughkeepsie for the better, with four or five incidents in 2017 so far, where as in the previous year there were 16.

Anyone in the community who knows of an incident that may lead to gun violence, or who has any information about this incident, is encouraged to contact SNUG of Poughkeepsie, either through the Family Partnership where they are located and available six days a week, through their Facebook, or webpage. It is completely anonymous.

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