October 12, 2017




Historic Newburgh Courthouse receives restoration funds

From left, Mack, Porr, and Naomi Fay, executive assistant to the Newburgh city manager

NEWBURGH – Orange County Government presented the City of Newburgh with $25,000, Wednesday, for the continued restoration and upkeep of the 1842 Courthouse on Grand Street.

This is the third consecutive annual payment provided by the county from the county budget, with $15,000 given in 2015 and $10,000 given in 2016 for the same purpose.

Orange County Director of Operations Harold Porr outlined some of the key historic points that make the building so special and its continued maintenance significant.

“From 1842, until 1980, county court, supreme court, and surrogate court were held in this building,” Porr said. “The city received this building as a gift in the late 1990s from the county for a dollar; so, we at the county government have a close attachment to the building historically and we want to help the city maintain it in good condition.”

City Comptroller Katie Mack, who accepted the check on behalf of the city, said the city is already conducting upgrades and moving departments in due to the state of City Hall at 83 Broadway in need of upgrades. She said the city is looking to utilize the historic space as best as possible.

“The City Hall that we are in right now is in pretty bad shape and so we have had one department already move here and we are looking to see how we can piggyback off of that and make this a central hub for the majority of other city business to be handled in this building until we figure out what we are going to do with that building on Broadway,” Mack said.  “We’ve updated some ADA doors. We’ve also painted the building. We’re looking to fix the stairs on the east side. We’re also looking to use some of the money for technology infrastructure inside, so that we can have more people actually be here and have a better capacity of city business being handled in this building as we start to look at 83 Broadway and the number of infrastructure upgrades that need to happen there that we just don’t have enough money for.”

Mack said “This is becoming a very viable option for the city to possibly move to.”  

So far, the city has moved the Codes Department, Planning and Development, Fire Protection and Community Development Block Grant to the 1842 Courthouse.

Mack said the city will continue to utilize the space; however, there are no plans set in stone as of yet.


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