Monday, October 9, 2017



Retired cop conflicted over gun control

MONTICELLO – One week after a gunman shot and killed 58 innocent concert-goers and wounded some 500 others in Las Vegas, the chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature believes there should be tougher gun control.

Luis Alvarez, who is retired from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, is not sure at this point what should be done.

“I don’t know what the right answer is,” Alvarez told MidHudsonNews.Com. “There should be more strict laws. Does it prevent anybody from really doing such actions? I came from Puerto Rico, which has very strict laws. I don’t have an answer. New York has very strict laws, heavy laws, and still those people get their guns, get whatever has to be done, and they do it.”

In the Las Vegas massacre, the gunman bought his weapons legally at several gun stores.

Since the shooting a week ago last night, several federal lawmakers, including President Trump, have hinted at rethinking existing gun laws, including specifically prohibiting “bump stocks”, devices readily available on the Internet which can effectively convert a semi-automatic rifle to automatic.  Several of the guns used by the Las Vegas shooter had the device.


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