November 14, 2017




Inmate attacks corrections officers at Coxsackie

COXSACKIE – An inmate serving four years for weapons possession and attempted robbery attacked several officers on Sunday, November 5 at the Coxsackie Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison. He now faces internal disciplinary charges.

Seven officers were treated at the prison clinic for minor injuries. Two officers were transported to Albany Medical Center for treatment where it was determined that one sustained a broken hand caused by the inmate. Both officers were treated and released.

The New York State Corrections Officers and Police Benevolent Association released details of the attack one week later on Monday, November 13.

The association reported an officer was escorting the 21-year-old inmate back to his housing unit when he struck the officer in the face. The officer attempted to control the inmate with a body hold, but the inmate resisted, causing the officer and inmate to fall down a flight of stairs. The inmate broke free and two other officers went after him back to the housing area.

In the housing area, the inmate charged at another officer, but was quickly detained by several officers, who placed him in mechanical restraints to escort him back to the facility clinic.

The inmate refused to walk and began to fight the escorting officers, who regained control and carried him to the clinic.  While in the clinic, the inmate again became violent, kicking and striking one of the officers.  After medical staff evaluated the inmate, correction staff escorted him to the special housing unit.

The assault “shows how dangerous it can be for our members when an inmate becomes combative,” said Michael Mazzella, NYSCOPBA Mid-Hudson Valley vice president.

He said the same inmate violently attacked a New York City corrections officer at Riker’s Island in 2014.

“The extremely violent assault on Sunday is a perfect example of why we need strict disciplinary measures for inmates who attack staff,” Mazzella said.


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