November 4, 2017




Man in store gives eyewitness account of attempted armed robbery

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – A local man was in a convenience store Thursday evening just as a man with a knife came in to rob it.

Architect Joseph Minuta was right there when the man, armed with a six-inch steak knife, walked into the Dairy Plus Express store on Union Avenue in the Town of Newburgh.

“All of a sudden I hear this yelling, I look up and this guy walks into the store and he’s got a knife, and he’s threatening the cashier, wants the money and this older gentleman come out from the side with this four-foot little broom and starts hitting him with the broom and then the owner comes out from behind the counter with a bigger broom and I get up and they start pushing him out the front door with the brooms,” he said.

The man took off, Minuta called the police and within minutes, they arrived and caught the robber, who had been followed by a woman, who was able to point him out to officers.

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