November 2, 2017




Newburgh wants to develop long-term solutions to city water problems

Washington Lake remains offline

NEWBURGH – It has been a year-and-a-half since Newburgh shut off the Washington Lake reservoir as the city’s source of drinking water. That is when it was confirmed that the lake was contaminated with the carcinogenic chemical PFOS.

Since then, the state has been paying for Newburgh to obtain its water from the City of New York’s Catskill Aqueduct while the state constructs a high-tech carbon filtration system for Washington Lake.

There are many outstanding issues to develop long-term solutions and permanent protection for the city’s watershed. To that end, City Manager Michael Ciaravino wrote a letter to Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos and Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.

“The intention of our letter is to provide an inventory of those matters that are outstanding so that we can continue to work toward providing the best water possible, not only the residents of the City of Newburgh, but for those who consume our water,” Ciaravino wrote.

It has been determined that the source of the contamination has come from the Stewart Airport Air National Guard Base. Ciaravino wants to know if other chemicals have been identified in the water and if the DEC will consider a new permanent water source to be paid for by a state or federal agency. “There is a deep concern regarding other contaminants emerging from the ‘emergent contaminant list’ as well as others not yet identified at all which may not be filtered o0ut by our new treatment plant and will ultimately be ingested by the residents of Newburgh and other consumers of our water,” the city manager wrote.


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