Friday, May 19, 2017




DA releases police body cam video of Maybrook shooting

(contains profanity)

GOSHEN – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler released the police body camera video late Thursday afternoon of the Maybrook shooting incident in which Montgomery/Maybrook Police Chief Arnold Amthor was shot in the shoulder. The chief and other officers had gone to a residence in Maybrook for a domestic dispute involving Anthony Bostick, 28,and his girlfriend.

In the video, one can hear the officer instructing Bostick to drop his weapon. A gun is visible in Bostick’s right hand, although his body cannot be seen on camera.

When gunfire erupts, several shots appear to be fired by both Bostick and the police with one officer shouting that he believes Bostick shot himself.  At about the same time, an officer instructs fellow police to remove Chief Amthor from the scene at which time another officer is heard saying he has already been taken out.

District Attorney David Hoovler said the investigation is not over.

“Our shooting protocol requires transparency and as part of the transparency, the only thing that we can release that does not prejudice the investigation for the prosecution if everyone agrees – the State Police, the involved agency and the DA’s office – then for the sake of public transparency, that’s why we released the video today,” Hoovler said.

The DA said the continuing investigation will examine the results of an autopsy and other evidence before presenting the case to a grand jury.


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