Thursday, March 16, 2017




After two feet of snow, what’s next?

In nearby Montgomery, John Naclerio had his hands full, blowing a 2,000-foot driveway

MIDDLETOWN – What do you do with two feet of snow for miles and miles? You hope it doesn’t melt too fast to avoid flooding.  And, if you thought the sky is out of  snow, another inch or two could fall over the weekend.

In some communities, it is being scooped up and dumped in parks. One of the most notable remnants of the storm is the great white wall – snow plowed to heights of five feet down the center of the four-lane Broadway business district in Newburgh.

Through the end of last year, public officials around the region were asking people to conserve water as there was a drought. But, long before this blizzard, winter rain and snow filled up the reservoirs, said Middletown Public Works Commissioner Jacob Tawil, who said as far as they are concerned, the drought is over.

“The nature of the drought, as you know, the drought could be happening any time,” he said. “Moving forward we could have two or three years of dry weather. We are always pro-active to keep our reservoirs topped off at all times.”  

As this blizzard of snow melts, it will just run off where reservoirs are already full, and that, said Tawil, is a shame.


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