Saturday, January 7, 2017




Newburgh may address problem of feral cats

NEWBURGH – Neighborhoods in the City of Newburgh are being overrun with feral cats officials want to do something about it. On one street, Van Cleft, there is a child care business nearby and that is causing a health and safety issue for the children.

Police Lt. Richard Carrion told the city council there are some 70 to 80 cats inside 14 Van Cleft with another 35 to 50 feral cats outside. They are aggressive to both people and each other.

Officials agree something must be done ASAP. Councilwoman Jeannie Abrams said the problem is serious with the cats running wild, many with disease and even dead cats in a swimming pool.

At its next regular council meeting, lawmakers may approve $2,000 for an agency to come in and perform a trap-neuter-release program to prevent the animals from reproducing any further.

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