Friday, February 10, 2017



First Dean’s Law animal abuse case reported in Sullivan

The law was named for Dean,
badly abused by his first owner
but now living happily with
new owner Jessica Raiten

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County’s animal abuse registry provision, known as Dean’s Law, was adopted six months ago, and now, the county apparently has its first arrest.

Undersheriff Eric Chaboty reported the case to a recent County Legislature Public Safety Committee meeting.

“The person apparently took a guilty plea in the Town of Fallsburg and then, we received a call from the court that they were on their way over,” Chaboty said.

Dean’s law, which is similar to provisions in place in Orange, Ulster, and several other counties in New York, requires that those convicted of any form of animal abuse must register with the county.  The registry must be checked by breeders, pet stores and others who sell animals, prior to any sale.  


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