Saturday, August 12, 2017



Opponents of CPV and fracked gas rally in Albany

ALBANY – A large gathering of people protested construction of the CPV electric generating plant under construction in Wawayanda during a Thursday rally in Albany.

They were also speaking out against the use of fracked gas to power the facility and they called on Governor Cuomo to stop construction of the facility.

“Governor Cuomo gets a lot of credit for banning fracking in the State of New York, but it makes no sense to say you’re banning fracking in New York, and then build a power plant that demands that you go frack somewhere else to do it,” said co-founder Bill McKibben. “There may be old-style corruption at the bottom of this CPV plant, but there is definitely a kind of intellectual corruption at the top of it.”

Former Ohio congressman and former Cleveland mayor and two-time presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said “CPV is a crooked deal.” He said Cuomo, “Whom I know and consider a friend, long ago should have recognized that this process is contaminated. When you have people in your office who are charged with bribery, when you see the corruption in the permitting process, it’s time for the governor to recognize this. His career depends on it, and our lives depend on it.”

Actor and activist James Cromwell reiterated his call to action. “The only way to get their attention is to resist.”

Also attending the rally and speaker were one of Cromwell’s fellow Wawayanda Six protestors Pramilla Malick and their attorney Michael Sussman.

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