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Newburgh ShotSpotter system goes live

Screen shot, provided by the ShotSpotter company, of what system monitors would see

NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Police Department has another tool in its crime-fighting tool kit as the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system went live on Thursday.

The technology covers some three square miles of the city and provides real-time alerts to the police department of precisely where and when gun incidents occur so that officers can respond faster and more safely, recover evidence such as shell casings or guns, interview witnesses and ensure timely medical attention for any gunshot victims.

Lieutenant-in-Charge of the department Aaron Weaver said the department has had “great success in recent years with reducing our gun violence thanks to state-funded programs like GIVE (Gun Involved Violence Elimination) and the federally-funded Project Save Neighborhoods program that have allowed CNPD to focus on social programs and law enforcement partnerships to combat gun violence.”

Weaver said the ShotSpotter technology is “just one more tool to help the city achieve greater gun violence reduction while getting dangerous weapons and criminals off the street.”

City Manager Michael Ciaravino had nothing but praise for the police department which has not had a permanent police chief in well over a year.

“I have never been more impressed with the Newburgh Police Department in the last couple of weeks in light of a current health crisis and to see all of the lieutenants and sergeants and patrol – all of our officers and support staff – have risen to the challenge. I believe we are stronger than we have ever been,” Ciaravino said.

ShotSpotter has audio sensors deployed around the city that will detect gunfire, triangulate the sound, and then pinpoint the number of shots fired and the location. The audio data will be analyzed instantly by acoustic experts and within a minute or less of the shots being fired, officers will be notified at dispatch centers, patrol cars and smartphones.


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