Wednesday, April 12, 2017




Mount Vernon mayor wants to rid city of zombie properties

Two of the zombies, next door to each other, are clearly beyond hope

MONT VERNON – There are at least 54 zombie properties in Mount Vernon and Mayor Richard Thomas would like them razed.

The only problem is while he said there is enough money in the city’s rainy day fund to cover the $200,000 annual cost, the city council and comptroller have set other priorities and do not want to release the funds.

Thomas wants to turn his city’s blighted areas around and model them after what the City of Newburgh is doing.

“This is a job creating opportunity; this is a neighborhood transformation opportunity,” the mayor said.  “I have seen what Newburgh has been able to do with their land bank and I believe Mount Vernon can do the same. The problem is Comptroller Walker and the city council are committed to conflict, they are committed to keeping the zombies in place and it’s a problem because it is now what Mount Vernon needs. It really harms our home values and our quality of life.”

Thomas is urging city residents to sign a petition calling on the city council to approve the spending to demolish those rundown properties.


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