March 5, 2014

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Entrepreneurs hope to turn Middletown building into microbrewery, restaurant

DeStefano, left, Porter, center and Tello, announce plans

MIDDLETOWN – Two young businessmen are going to purchase the Clemson Bros. Building on Cottage Street in Middletown and spend over $1.6 million to convert the former hacksaw blade manufacturing facility into apartments and a microbrewery-restaurant.

Kenneth Porter is a developer, and is involved in a series of beverage companiesd with his son Kenan Port, Kenan Porter and Tonatiuh (Tony) Tello’s family owns El Bandito Restaurants in nearby Wallkill and in Spring Valley.

Their plans are to develop five upscale apartments, some warehousing for their beer distribution, commercial rental space and the microbrewery-restaurant, which will be the centerpiece of the project.

Porter said they looked at other locations in Orange County, but chose Middletown because of its potential for their business venture.

“The population density here in Middletown is much more significant than those other areas and we feel there is a higher probability for the rate of success in the City of Middletown,” Porter said. “There is a lot of underlying value in the city, there is a lot of history here and our hope is that we are going to bring that history over the next year to two years.”

The restaurant, with an upscale yet rustic factory appearance, will feature Americana cuisine of the early 1930s to 1950s.

Developers hope to turn this into apartments, microbrewery, restaurant


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