December 20, 2012

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Hudson River contamination levels vary, Riverkeeper report says

OSSINING – A report detailing the problem of sewage pollution in the Hudson River points to varying levels depending upon where the testing takes place, according to a new report issued by environmental organization Riverkeeper.

The greatest area of river pollution is in the Capital District with the least polluted area being the Rockland-Westchester section with the best being off New York City, according to Tracy Brown, Riverkeeper’s water quality advocate. Old infrastructure is the greatest offender, she said.

“The top one overall is the aging state of our wastewater infrastructure, so we see a lot more lines breaking and failures and more chronic ongoing leaks from the pipes in our infrastructure and our delivery system,” Brown said.

Another cause of wastewater pollution, she said, is heavy rains causing overflow into the river.

Riverkeeper’s action agenda includes reinvesting in wastewater infrastructure; enforcing existing water quality protection laws; improving the state’s recreational water quality standards; engaging citizens in local solutions; starting frequent water quality monitoring and prediction; and notifying the public of sewage contamination.

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